Review: Peachy Green Sprout Up AI2 nappy

Following on from Peachy Green’s sized AIO nappies, they have now added a one size AI2 to their range. Now I loved the sized AIOs; trim, absorbent, gorgeous prints, the list goes on. And in general I’d always take a sized nappy over a one size due to the fit, so I wasnt super excited when I first heard about the OS but I am now converted! It’s virtually as trim as the sized version on, possibly the slimmest OS nappy we own. Me and OH really do love it, so much so that we now own quite a few……damn those gorgeous limited edition prints!

So enough gushing, let’s get to the specs, Amanda at Baby Bum Boutique stocks the biggest range and new colours and prints are released virtually every 2-3 months (yay!). They are priced at £16 for the shell and inserts are £6 each. Sounds expensive but bear in mind it’s an AI2 – meaning that you can reuse the shell. So if you spent £16 on a shell and £12 on two inserts (£28 in total) you are effectively getting two wears each time out of it – as if it were two nappies. So £28 for the equivalent of two nappies, which if you look at the fact that they come in fun prints and have bamboo inserts is a fab price.

It’s a side snapping nappy (my favourite type for a nice smooth finish across the belly) and it adjusts with rise snaps on the front to grow with your child. The inside of the shell is a soft microfleece that resists wetness so when the insert is wet you can just swap it out for a fresh one. You could of course just use it as an AIO if you wish and it’s still a fab nappy but to make the most of your money its worth reusing the shell. 

Chloe was in the medium (size 1s) in the sized version and the rise was getting a bit on the low side but in the Sprout Up it’s a perfect fit and there’s plenty of room around the waist to fit a bigger child still. One slight issue I have is that unlike most AI2s nappies that have a wipeable shell, the Sprout Up just has the microfleece – which is great in that its nice and soft on the areas it touches your child’s skin but if they are a super wetter then you may need to let the shell air a little before you re-use it. Not a big deal and to be honest I think I prefer it being the soft microfleece next to their skin.

So as mentioned, there is a snap in insert which attaches to the back of the nappy and its made from bamboo fleece which is super absorbent and it has stayed fairly soft after months of washing. The inserts are different to the sized nappies, as obviously these need to grow with your child and the one size shell. So they are in one long piece that you snap in to the shell and the bottom layer folds back on itself and snaps up to a small, medium or large setting and then the top layer goes over the top.

Ease of use: These are super simple, no stuffing or anything fiddly, just snap in an insert and put on, at change time snap in a fresh one and when it is time to put it in the wetbag you dont need to unsnap the insert at all (unless you want to).

Performance: These arent quite as absorbent as the sized AIO version but with a booster in they are good for 3+ hours on Chloe which for a good looking and trim nappy is fine with me. Containment is great, the soft leg elastic combined with the ability to do different waist and leg snap settings means it gives a snug fit and there’s no red marks from the leg elastic.  Drying time is really great for it being a natural fiber insert thanks to the fact its in one long piece and as the inner is microfleece it is of course virtually dry from the machine and stays nice and soft wash after wash.

Design: The frequency with which new colours and prints come out means there’s bound to be something you like. They always have really funky prints too, I love the Owls one and the colour coordinating snaps are a nice touch. It’s great knowing that there’s only a limited amount of each print and it means they should hold their resell value well. I think the design of these is really fab, I love how you dont need to buy different sized inserts and the nappy itself is pretty much perfect, nothing I’d want to change at all.

Overall: I love that we dont have to compromise on having a trim fit for absorbency or even looks. I wish we could afford more of these as they brighten up my day with the funky prints and they fit fab under skinny jeans or legging. I never thought I’d say this but I do prefer this one size version then the sized and would recommend the Sprout Up to anyone. Especially as it can work out cheaper if you buy a few inserts and reuse the shell but like I said, even if you used it as an AIO it’s still a fab nappy! I do wish they were cheaper but that cant be helped with imported goods and the quality of these is really fab, they’ll definitely last to a second child. And speaking of second child, I’ll be trying these on Izzy soon and will update on how they fit on a little one!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappies mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for dong it . 

Review: MayLily pocket nappy

There is a new nappy on the fluffy market, a luxurious minky patterned Birth To Potty pocket, made in the EU by MayLily. BabyBots are stocking them and can I just firstly say how much I love the print range? Here are a few more from the range, bold, bright and very funky, you can see the full range here.

So who are MayLily I hear you ask, well I hadnt heard of them either truth be known but after a little bit of research I am again impressed with the passion they put into their products. Here is a little bit of info from their website;

‘We strive to offer you diapers of the highest quality possible. We use selected fabrics and components which not only make our product comfortable and fashionable but also perfectly safe for your child as each of the components is Oeko-Tex certified for lack of harmful substances/chemicals.’

MayLily nappies are one size (8 – 35lbs) and have the standard snap down rise on the front of the nappy to give you three different sizes. They only come in snap fastening (which is fine with me) and have a double row of snaps to fasten – which are at a slanted angle, meaning it’s a lovely snug fit. Inside is a buttery soft micro fleece, which really does feel luxourious and the opening of the pocket is at the front of the nappy, making it (hopefully) a lot easier and less messy to take the inserts out of a dirty nappy!

Each nappy comes with a small and larger microfiber insert, the pink trimmed smaller one is 3 layers thick and the green trimmed one is made up of 4 layers. I love that they not only have the MayLily logo on but are also colour coded as I hate having to sift through a pile on inserts looking for which one goes with which (and yes I like to use the ‘official’ insert for the nappy!). They are priced at £16.90 a nappy but there is also an ‘Asia’ limited edition collection of three nappies which are £20.90 each.

I have to be honest and say I’m not a huge fan of BTP nappies in general but these do fit Chloe really well, the rise is good and as yet we’ve not had any leaks! I do think they come up on the larger size and am not sure how good a fit an 8lb baby would have with them. But that can be said with nearly all BTP nappies and it’s something I can try on bump and update on at a later date. They do remind me of Blueberry and Issy Bear nappies but the MayLily are on the cheaper side (aside from the Limited Edition collection). And of course another great point to them is that they are made in the EU so they are a little bit better for the planet thanks to less air miles to ship them to us!

Ease of use: Stuffing the pocket is nice and easy thanks to the wide opening and actually having the pocket at the front does make is easier on messier change times.

Performance: This has been great so far in the three or so weeks we’ve been using it, as I said no leaks (with using both inserts together and we change around the 3-4 hour mark), no red marks left on Chloe’s legs and I think it’s pretty slim for a BTP even though Chloe is very skinny. Drying time is great as with most pockets and mf inserts.

Design: I really love the minky fabrics they’ve picked, the buttery soft inner is lush and the labels are pretty cute too! And I also love the attention to detail on the inserts being trimmed in different colours.

Overall: These may be one of my new favourite BTP ‘show off’ nappies! Pretty, easy to use, not too bulky, work really well and not too expensive. Again I’d love to see a smaller baby in these to see how it fits (fingers crossed we can test that out in a few weeks when bump is here).

The only real improvement I’d love to see is the possibility of upgrading to hemp/bamboo inserts as I’m generally not a fan of mf inserts long term. But it’s not that much of an issue as all the spare bamboo inserts I’ve got fit well inside the MayLily so I guess it’s down to personal preference, you’re either a mf liker or not! I already have my eye on some of the other prints in the range so I guess that goes a long way to saying that the MayLily is a keeper for us!

Michelle xx

We were kindly sent this nappy for the purposes of this review, however no one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

Review: BumGenius Freetime pocket nappy

Everyone who uses cloth has at least heard of BumGenius nappies, if not tried one, and there seems to be a BG nappy for every type of cloth nappy user. They currently have the AIO newborn nappy, the AIO organic/Elemental OS nappy, the 4.0 pocket OS nappy, the AI2/Hybrid Flip system, the new Flip training pants and the low cost Econobum nappy system. So with all that under their belt, what else could they offer us? Well the Freetime is it, the ease of an All In One but with the quick drying capabilities of a pocket/Flip nappy and in a money saving one size fits most format.

I got mine from Baba Me and the Freetime costs £15.99 which is the same price as the 4.0 pocket nappy and is the average price for a premium one size nappy – especially when you think of the range of colours they now come in and the two new yummy prints. I picked the new Sassy colour, I wasnt sure I’d love it at first but it is lovely – very gender neutral I think as well, I’m all for bright colours!

I have to say our personal favourite BG nappy is the Elemental the OS organic AIO, it fits super trim, is very thirsty but the downside is that it takes an age to dry. The Freetime has been designed with fixing the issue of AIO’s being the slowest drying nappies and I think they’ve come up with a pretty simple and neat solution. The outside of the Freetime looks the same as all the other BG nappies, the soft waterproof outer comes in the full range of BG colours and prints and it comes in either velcro or snaps and has the standard snap down rise on the front. It also has the gentle leg elastic at the legs and the back of the nappy and the leg elastic can be easily replaced as with the BG 4.0.

Inside the Freetime is microfiber, five layers of it to be exact – two in each of the inserts and one layer sewn into the actual shell of the nappy. The Freetime has two inserts, but what’s great about it being an AIO is that they are attached to the nappy, one at each end, so you dont lose them in the wash, there’s nothing to stuff and as they flap out they speed up drying. And you can fold them up and place them where your LO needs that extra boosting, at the back, middle or front of the nappy or just have them laid on top of each other so they overlap. I love the design of this and I’ve often wished the Elemental had the same flap out inserts (for some reason they’re sewn in at both ends). Another great factor in the Freetime design is that the inserts are topped with suedecloth to keep your little one feeling dry.

Ease of use: As the Freetime is an All In One there’s nothing to stuff or snap in to get it ready to use, but you might have to fold the inserts depending on what size rise the nappy is on or if you need the extra absorbency at the front/middle/back. The fact that they come in either snaps or velcro is great and means they’ll suit everyone. And of course when it comes to taking the nappy off there’s no insert to pull out of the pocket or unsnap, you just simply pop it all in the wetbag/bucket, simple! A really easy nappy for Daddies, Grandparents, childminders or nursery to use and no ‘assembly’ required.

Performance: I was unsure how well the Freetime would work with Chloe, seeing as she can be a bit of a heavy wetter and in general mf isnt that good of an option for her. But we’ve not had any leaks, and when I change her after 3 hours there was no dampness on her skin and it could probably have gone a little longer. I did start to add a single bamboo booster underneath the inserts, which fitted in fine and easily came apart in the wash. This meant I was confident to leave the Freetime on for 4 hours and especially when she was going to be in the car for a while and if Chloe still had naps then I’d be happy to use it then to. Again though it could have gone longer but 4 hours is really the max I like to leave Chloe in something, even for testing purposes. So I am pleasantly surprised and impressed with the Freetime, the extra addition of the booster doesnt add any bulk and it means it can be a great nappy for heavy wetters – another booster could be easily added if needed and I’m sure a light night wetter could even use it overnight! Drying time is fab, we’ve not had a huge amount of warm sunny days at the minute but hanging it on the airer in the morning means it’s dry by the afternoon, so it’s great for those that need something quick drying.

Design: The Freetime is lovely and trim on and I do love the concept of it, the ease of an AIO but with the benefits of fast drying and being able to customise the absorbency to where your little one needs it. I also like that you can add a booster underneath the inserts and so still get the stay dry layer next to their skin and of course as it’s an AIO there’s the not having to sit and stuff pockets and no need to unstuff or do anything to it when putting it in the nappy bucket as it all just unflaps in the wash for a good clean. I do generally find BG’s (4.0 and the Flips) quite wide between the legs but as Chloe is now bigger it’s not so much of an issue, once she has it on and is off and about it soon squishes into a more natural narrower shape. I do wonder how well the Freetime would fit at the smallest end of the weight range as you cant take out the inserts like you would with say the 4.0 and just use the newborn one. So I think it would be bulky on a little baby but nearly all one sizes are so it’s a trade-off you always have to decide on when using versus newborn/sized nappies. The only improvement I’d realy like to see is if there was some hemp or bamboo in there so we wouldnt even need to boost. Maybe if each insert had the stay dry suedecloth then a layer of mf and then a layer of bamboo/hemp, it would still dry quick but it would make it just that bit more thirsty. And I’ll be honest, I just dont like mf, in an ideal world there’d be none in there but I’d keep the stay dry layer, but of course then it would be slower to dry, so each to their own I guess as a lot of people just have mf nappies and love them!

Overall: I will be keeping our Freetime and maybe adding another one or two as they are great as a fast drying nappy and so easy to use. It really is great to just throw it in the nappy bag as is and then when dry just fold the inserts in – add a booster maybe and away you go, no finding the right insert and snapping it in, no having to stuff pockets, a perfect no hassle nappy! I’m well-known for preferring AIO and AI2’s over pockets as they are much quicker to ‘prepare’ but the Freetime is possibly the best AIO, easy to use and quick drying but as I said, but I’d love to have a hemp/bamboo or even an organic cotton version like the Elemental! There’s a slight bit of bulkiness to it compared to say our GroVia’s or FuzziBunz Elite but the ease of use is just so nice.

I’d take a Freetime over a BG 4.0 pocket anytime as it’s so easy to use (I must be getting lazy in my old age). Daddy really like them and as I said I’d be more than happy for Chloe to use these at a nursery or with Nanny with no issues. If someone is after the very easiest way of using cloth or if you need something fast drying or you just want a good quality nappy to last from birth to potty then the Freetime is for you. You’ll get you’re monies worth from them and the resale value on them should be good as with all BG nappies. These are a good addition to the BG range, using cloth at it’s simplest!

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this review and wrote this because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it and no one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

Review: Ella’s House Bum Hugger night nappy

Ella’s House Bum Huggers are loved by many a cloth nappy user and for a long time I’ve heard how amazingly good they are as night nappies. But until now I’ve never gotten round to trying them, that’s until the lovely Sarah at Nappy Go Lucky asked if we’d like to test one out as she’d just had some newly labelled ones come in. There’s no difference between the old label style and new label style Bum Huggers – just an updated designed label!

So what’s the Bum Hugger all about then – apart from the cute name, well it’s made from hemp/cotton fleece (55% hemp/45% cotton) so as you can imagine its a thirsty little nappy. It has an attached, pull out soaker, so no having to hunt around in the clean washing for it and it also speeds up drying time. When you want to use it simply place the soaker into the pocket and you can either lay it out flat inside or fold it up at the front for boys/tummy sleepers. The inside is covered in fleece to keep baby dry during the night, and it’s pretty coloured fleece too, a shame it gets hidden away but is brilliant for hiding any stains and they come in some very cute prints, including spots, paw prints etc.

They come in 3 sizes, small 6-15lb (3-7kg), large 15-40lb (4-18kg) and xlarge 35lb+ (16kg+). Which is a good range to have, Chloe fits in the large perfectly, the rise isnt too low and there’s plenty of room for growth and in the pocket if you need to add a booster. They cost £10.80 and come in either aplix or snaps, of course I chose the snaps and they are slightly slanted to give a better fit when your little one is at the smallest setting. The slightly odd thing is that the snaps dont show on the outside of the wings so at first glance you’d think they where snapless or aplix but they are there, just the tops of them is between the inside layers of fabric, it does make them look very tidy but I think I prefer/am used to the normal way where they can be seen.

We were also sent one of the hemp boosters which are £3.30 and are topped with matching fleece so are perfect for just laying inside the nappy and still keeping that stay dry layer. They have two layers of the hemp/cotton blend and are topped with fleece with a slight hourglass shape making them a slim booster yet with the amount of hemp they are very absorbent. There is also a plain version for the same price but it isn’t fleece topped but has an extra layer of hemp making it three layers for super wetters, you could easily pop it in the pocket so baby still feels dry.
Ease of use: This is super easy for a night nappy, before use, stuff the soaker into the pocket and lay in an extra booster or stuff in the pocket – if needed, any booster could be used. There’s no need for a liner due to the fleece inner, Chloe is usually pretty sensitive to getting red if she’s in a wet nappy but the fleece inner has been completely fine for her. Daddy did find doing it up harder than usual, I think because the top of the snaps are hidden inside the fabric – which is new for him, but otherwise its super easy to put on and of course pop a cover or wool/fleece over the top.

Performance: With the extra booster this works a treat for Chloe and she sleeps 12 hours and has a bottle before bed but no leaks in the morning and the nappy isnt soaking wet. She’s not quite the heavy night wetter that she used to be, I’d say she’s just a normal night wetter now, but you could easily add more boosting to the pocket or use another lay in booster if need be and it would still be a super trim night nappy. I love that the soaker just seems to fall out of the pocket in the wash and it helps it dry so much quicker than other night nappies. Only downside is it can dry a little hard as it’s hemp but that’s the same with most bamboo/hemp nappies, the inner is still soft against your little one as its fleece though.

Design: These have been well thought out, fleece inner to keep baby dry, love the flap out soaker and the big pocket, really useful for quick drying and boosting for heavy wetters. Love the fit of the Bum Hugger but have to say the look of it always throws me, I much prefer the snaps to show on the wings – itsnt a problem or a design fault, I’m just used to seeing them there and it makes the wings lay that bit flatter/closer to the nappy. The cute fleece prints are nice too, of course it’s a shame that when on you cant see them but they do brighten up change time and look pretty when drying on the line.

Overall: This is a really good night nappy, very trim, doesnt take too long to dry and can easily be boosted for heavier wetters. I wish I’d tried this sooner rather than jumping straight into the more expensive night nappies! For how absorbent they are they are so so trim, it doesnt look like a night nappy when on at all and you could easily still add more boosters to the pocket and still get a good fit. The price of this is fab, it’s worth getting one to try on your little one and if they are a mega day wetter then I’m pretty sure this would work as a great day nappy too due to it being thirsty yet trim.

Ella’s House do a whole range including  breastpads, wipes, fleece liners and the new Bum Slender – a day time fitted, all at really great prices considering the quality of the fabrics used. Ella’s House is definitely a brand I’d recommend to people who are looking for a good night nappy or nappies for a heavy wetter.

Michelle xx

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The lovely Sarah at Nappy Go Lucky has offered a £5 off a £20 spend on the Ella’s House range. Simply use the code fmblog12 and it’s valid for the next 14 days, enjoy!!

We were kindly sent this nappy to review, however no compensation was received for writing this review, no one has told me what to say and all opinions (and spelling mistakes) are 100% my own and genuine. 

Review: Preston’s Pants pocket nappy

Preston’s Pants are the creation of an American work at home mum and have been on my to try list for ages as I’ve always read such good things about them. But as with buying anything from across the pond, shipping costs are always a sore point. Which is why when I saw Peas and Love announce on Facebook that they had some limited editions in stock then well obviously it would have been rude not to snap one up!

 I got a pocket in the purple PUL outer with ‘Princess in Training’ embroidery in a birth to potty size. Unfortunately they’re all sold out of these particular ones now but there are some super cute ‘Kiss Me‘ ones left and some of the stunning minky outer and embroidered fairy and Gnome ones left. The PUL outer one was £18 and comes with an organic cotton insert which you fold in half to use and it’s incredibly thirsty. They have rise snaps on the front as with normal BTP nappies and have crossover snaps for those little ones. What I especially love is the way the waist snaps are slanted, which helps to give a really snug fit. Inside is a soft microfleece which has washed really well and helps to keep your little one feeling dry.

Ease of use: The pocket opening is lovely and big, just fold the insert, stuff it in and snap the nappy on, super simple.

Performance: Easily goes 3-4 hours, really love the insert, trim, absorbent and yet doesnt take too long to dry thanks to it folding out into one long piece. We’ve had no leaks of any kind, this is a real bomb proof, easy to use nappy.

Design: These are pretty much perfect, the only slight niggle is that they look a bit ‘poofy’ on, a little baggy but it’s not that the nappy is bulky at all, when it’s on under tight fitting clothes it looks super trim. Maybe it’s just the material that makes it look baggy – it’s not a huge problem at all and I still love the nappy, maybe it’s down to Chloe being so petite that it might not even be noticeable on another child, it’s just the only fault I can find! But as I said, I love the snap design, where it tapers down at the front means it’s a much better fit on smaller babies. Oh and love the crossover snaps which not all BTP nappies have but I think are a must and also the little labels are super cute too.

Overall: This is a keeper for us, pretty, great fit, easy to use and super reliable. Price is a little high but hopefully that will come down, seeing as the stock has sold so quickly and hopefully bigger orders can be placed. Or it might be worth contacting Preston’s Pants direct to find out a rough idea on a complete price with shipping for a custom or two! I’d love to see one on a little baby as I’m sure it would be a great fit and not too bulky – you could use a smaller insert if need be. But I love having a good quality insert included, most pockets just come with micofiber which we always have to boost or swap out completely for a thirstier hemp/bamboo/organic cotton insert. They are cut slightly on the generous size as usually Chloe has the rise completely unsnapped on BTPs but on this we have it snapped up one, but the fit is great, nice high rise still and no red marks on the legs. This is definiely a nappy I can see lasting till potty training on bigger kiddies – which is a downfall of many BTPs in that they get too small in the rise at the 30lb+ end.

This is a great nappy, really well made, gives a perfect fit, reliable, love the cute embroidery and I’m so hoping Peas and Love get some more in! Definitely a nappy for heavier wetters or if you’re looking for something different that you want to be great fitting from small to big sizes.

Michelle xx

I bought the nappy mentioned in this post and did this review because I wanted to, no compensation was received for doing it and no one told me what to write.