Week 33: so tired

So yes we are in week 33, so I am now officially more pregnant than I’ve ever been before (and I’m also feeling more pregnant than I’ve ever felt before – if that makes sense!). So I am feeling super excited but I’m also feeling more tired than ever but as long as bump is happy inside and growing then I guess it’s to all be expected.

I could quite happily sleep in till 10, have a little cat nap after lunch and then go to bed before 10 but unfortunately Chloe isnt so impressed with that plan so I am just trying to grab a few winks on the sofa when I can – which isnt proving to be that often!

Getting ready wise, I have everything for my hospital bag, just need to do a final pack of it, the car seat arrived the other week so that’s all ready. Have enough clothes and nappies for bump, the only thing left to get is the crib, which is a bedside one and I’ll order it at the end of the month.

I cant actually believe there will be another little person here but I’m so excited to see Chloe with her sister, she’s really looking forward to it and gives bump kisses and hugs. Only yesterday she was sharing out a pretend chocolate cake and said ‘One for Mummy, one for Daddy, one for Chloe and one for baby!’ so so sweet! We still have no idea on names, I have a book I keep meaning to go through, with Chloe the name just seemed right as soon as it was said and fit her when we saw her but this time nothing is really sticking. I shall make it my goal to go through the book this weekend and see what jumps out!

I feel tired already and it’s not even midday yet! I have a lot of half-finished posts that I need to complete (as always) and I will try to make posting a more frequent occurrence. I love it when I’m typing away it’s just the finding the time/energy to sit down and think ‘right I’ve got to write about xzy!’. Still if I can get into a routine now then it might make it easier when we’re a family of four – eeps!

On the potty training front, it is still trying to get into motion, Chloe is happy to sit on the potty (and say ‘weeeeeeeee’) but that’s as far as she gets, have tried her in ‘big girl pants’ and she wasnt impressed but she is making a slight improvement in telling us (most of the time) when she’s wet etc. So we will keep trying her and praising her when she wants to sit on the potty and tells us when she needs a change and maybe try some pants again in a few weeks. As with everything Chloe just seems to wake up one day and want to do something which I’m fine with, I dont want to tell her she has to do it if she’s not ready yet. So will do a potty training stash shot maybe and keep you updated on progress! But I’ll leave you with some gorgeous fluff that arrived last week, review to come soon but I love it – you can find out more about them at Babybots if you cant wait! Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Michelle xx

Cotton Babies/BumGenius big news for 2011

It only seems like earlier this year that Cotton Babies/BumGenius released the Artist Series of prints across their nappy range, in reality it was late last year. Now I admit I wasnt blown away by the print range, I did in fact get a few but really they just weren’t for me. Also when they released the new colours, Sweet, Noodle, and Bubble, again I tried them (all for the purposes of research and not because I’m an addict of course) but again I just didnt really like much.

But now BG are again bringing out some new colours and a new Artist Prints Series – I did think it was time they bought out some new prints as everywhere has been selling the ‘old’ range cheaply or has simply run out. So firstly they have 3 new colours – and it’s interesting to note that they are retiring the Bubble and Sweet colours, maybe it wasnt just me and everyone else I’ve spoken with that wasnt a fan of them!

So here are the 3 new colours, Dazzle, Mirror and Sassy, very bold and striking for BG, I actually like them all, but Dazzle and Mirror are probably my favourite. Compared to the previous ‘odd’ names of Sweet and Bubble I do actually like Dazzle, Mirror is a little odd but okay and Sassy I’m not sure on, nothing wrong with it but it just wouldnt have been my first choice. But I do actually think that they fit nicely in with the existing colours, so overall a big well done there.

And also the new Artist Series, Albert and Lovelace, which although again I really love both the prints, it is a shame they didnt do one or two more, I’m guess they’ll add more maybe in the new year. Considering with the previous Series they had 5 prints, it would have been nice to have 3 or 4 at launch but I guess along with the 3 new colours there is lots of new pretties. But Still I really do love them both, the only slight downside is I wish the tabs were coloured to match or even just any colour other than white! They’ve managed to colour the stretchy tabs before in the plain colours so I cant seen why they dont for these, even just a solid black for the Albert one and the new Dazzle/Mirror/Sassy solid colour for the Lovelace. Maybe it’s just me being picky but I would have definitely preferred anything other than white, still gorgeous though and I’ll be wanting a Lovelace – maybe not too keen on the name as with Sassy but still, when will I ever say it again?

So that’s the new colours and prints done with, next on to the new nappy, yes a new BG nappy! So BG currently do the AIO OS organic nappy, the pocket OS stay dry nappy, the AI2 stay dry/organic/disposable Flip nappy and now a AIO OS stay dry nappy! If you didnt know, BG used to make a sized AIO stay dry nappy which was really good, the downside being long drying times and it only came in velcro. But a lot of people (including myself) loved them in the XS and small sizes for little ones but earlier on this year they discontinued them except for the newborn size. I have also tried the AIO organic BG (now renamed Elemental) and it is a really good nappy, bulky on newborns as you’d expect but very thirsty – I’ve always wished the inner layers were only sewn in at one end and not at both, so they could flip out for faster drying.

So now they are going to launch the new Freetime nappy (again not sure if I like the name) which is a sort of super easy mix between the quick drying of the pocket nappy and the ease of an AIO. It’s a one size and has the usual snap down rise and comes in both snaps and velcro but there’s no pocket so no stuffing to do.  The inner layers are stay dry material and are attached at each end of the nappy so they can be flapped out for faster drying, brilliant!  I’m not sure how well these will work for heavy wetters but I’m sure you can pop in a lay in booster should it be needed. The only improvement I’d have liked (yes I know I’m super picky!) is that there’d be some bamboo/hemp in there (as Chloe out pee’s microfibre) but with still keeping at least one of the flaps stay dry so it can be next to baby’s skin. But all in all it does sound like a winner, now they just need to make a night nappy for heavy wetters! The price is £16.99 which compares to the V4 well and will come in all the BG colours, including the 3 new ones and the new prints.

And lastly as if all that wasnt enough they have released more info on their training pants, which I’m going to have to start thinking about for Chloe once she starts to show an inclination. They are basically a bit like flips with organic lay in inserts – which have velcro on the back to stay in place, which doesnt sppeal to me much as I hate velcro attacking nappies in the wash! They are pull up/down so nice and stretchy but also have snap sides for easy access and the side bits can be bought in different colours to customise the pants for your little ones (which sounds very similar to the GroVia training pants – so I might have to get one of each to compare!). It’s a nice idea but personally I just think they’re trying to squeeze out a few more pennies from you. I dont think I’d get different sides, I’m sure Chloe would be happy to pick the training pants and wouldnt feel the need to have different side panels. They come in a pack of one shell and 3 organic inserts for £27.99 which sounds a lot but I guess that’s 3 wears from it and I’ve not really looked into training pant prices yet so that could be about the norm. And again these will be in all the colours plus the new prints.

I think the release date for all of these is January for us over here, I’m not blown away by any of them but they are all positive additions and yes I have to say I probably will be getting one of the new Freetime’s and Training Pants to try in Dazzle, Mirror and possibly a Lovelace as well, again purely for review purposes and not because I’m addicted to anything new and shiny and cloth nappy related!

Okay so I think I’ve rambled on enough but there is an official launch video you can watch which sums everything up pretty well.

Michelle xx

Review and Giveaway: B.Sensible fitted sheets


Okay so I admit, when I first read about these in a magazine I wasnt won over, a 2-1 fitted waterproof sheet and mattress protector, sounded good but was it needed? I didnt think so at the time and even when I’ve seen mention of it pop up again and again in magazines and blogs since I still wasnt convinced, that is until I was lucky enough to be sent one to try.

We’ve used ours for the past month and now I can fully appreciate why it gets so many rave reviews. I usually change Chloe’s sheets once a week unless she’s spilt some milk, had a leaky nappy or been ill and then obviously its more regular. There has been a few times when I’ve changed them 3 or 4 times in one week due to one thing or another. It’s not the changing of the sheets themselves that are a hassle as I class that as all being part of a mum but the fact that it’s stripping the sheet and the mattress cover underneath that gets wet too, letting the mattress air if needed, washing the sheet and cover and getting the cover dry the same day so I can pop it back on with a spare sheet on top. Not a huge problem really but I didnt want to go down the route of a separate waterproof sheet as I thought they’d make Chloe hot, were really plasticky, noisy and just generally not very nice.

But the B.Sensible sheet has totally made life a lot simpler, a sheet with a waterproof membrane backing, that still feels soft on top next to babies skin and isnt noisy in the slightest! I was skeptical about how soft the top of the sheet would be but honestly, if no one told me it was waterproof underneath I’d never guess, it feels, well normal! B.Sensible havent just stopped at making a 2-1 waterproof sheet but have also included other nifty features:

  • 100% natural Tencel fabric helps to regulate babies body temperature whilst asleep
  • Tencel is silky soft next to babies skin and has a virtually undetectable breathable membrane
  • A Dermofresh waterproofing system that absorbs moisture and dries quicker than any other fabric
  • Provides a natural barrier against bacteria and dust mites
  • Hypoallergenic and clinically proven to be suitable for those with sensitive skin, eczema, asthma & rhinitis.
  • Totally eco-friendly manufacturing process.

So the great thing is, if Chloe does have an accident, spills a bottle or whatever I can just whip off the sheet and pop a clean one straight back on, simple. It washes really well and is still feeling lovely and soft. You can tumble dry the sheets but as they dry so quick I cant see that you’d really need to. The sheet is of a very high quality, nice stretchy sides and the cotbed size fits Chloe’s mattress perfectly (other cotbed sheets I’ve bought before have come up a little tight sometimes).

Now, being me I did have to test the sheet a little, I poured on some water and sure enough it just sat on the surface. So I patted it a bit (as if Chloe was in bed rolling about or what have you) and it kind of seeped in but it didnt go through the sheet at all, the mattress cover underneath was 100% dry. Perfect.

The only downside I can find is the price, for a cotbed size sheet it’s around £23 but I so wish I’d just bought two of these when Chloe first went into her bed rather than the 4 or 5 normal sheets we’ve got over the past year or so. When I think that Chloe might be using her cotbed till maybe she’s 5 then they are definitely worth having, especially when she goes through the hit and miss of potty training. So I think even being expensive they can still work out as a good investment and possibly even cheaper than having 4 or 5 normal sheets and getting a waterproof undersheet for potty training.

The B.Sensible range is available for Moses Baskets, Cots, Cot Beds, Single Beds, Double and King-size beds and comes in a huge range of 24 colours! So it should be easy to colour match any bedding or colour schemes that you have. Prices start from £16.99 and a list of retailers can be found here but Fill Your Pants* now also sell the range so you can pick one up whilst shopping for fluffy nappies! They also do pillow cases and have just released a duvet cover as well! I’ve already got another sheet in my shopping basket at Amazon ready to get when payday comes!

Michelle xx

We were kindly sent this sheet to review, however no one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

Giveaway (Closed)

I’ve also been given a Cot sized sheet to give away to a lucky reader and a Cotbed sized sheet to giveaway as well!!

To be in with a chance of winning one of these fantastic sheets please do at least one of the below, leaving a separate comment for each entry (maximum of 3 entries per person please) and dont forget to let me know which size sheet it is you’re after.

  • Head on over to B.Sensible’s Facebook page and post a comment on their wall saying  “Fluffy Mummy sent me: http://wp.me/p10ad1-sQ!”, then come back here and leave a comment saying you’ve posted.
  • Follow both me @Fluffy_Mummy and @Bsensible on Twitter and leave a comment with your Twitter ID.
  •  Tweet “I’ve entered to win a @Bsensible 2-1 sheet from @Fluffy_Mummy here http://wp.me/p10ad1-sQ” and post saying you’ve tweeted and your Twitter ID.
Terms and Conditions:
  • This is open to anyone in the UK.
  • And closes at 11.59pm on Friday 12th August 2011.
  • The two winners (one of a cot sized sheet and the other of a cotbed sized sheet) will be chosen by Random.org.
  • And the winners will be announced on this page and Twitter.
  • The prizes are non-refundable and cannot be transferred. No cash alternative is available.

The winners are:

 Angela Moore (Cot size) and A. Banks (Cotbed size)

please contact me with your address details! Grats!


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