Cloth nappy reviews

I am a sucker for anything new and this is so true when it comes to pretty fluff for Chloe and Izzy’s bums! I’m sure they dont mind what they wear but I’m always in search of the gorgeous, easy to use, self washing and instant drying nappy. It’s not going to happen I know but I still feel the urge to try everything I can and write a review, in the hope that it might help someone else find nappies that might suit their LO.

Please feel free to add comments to reviews, if you’ve tried something and found it better/worse or you’ve noticed something I haven’t, then it would be great if you shared. As every baby is different so someone else might find your comment more relevant to them and help them decide if it’s worth a shot for them. Dont be scared, all comments (except spam) are more then welcome!

Unfortunately I dont have unlimited funds for all the amazing things I see and want (wouldnt that be lovely!), so if you would like us to review something then please send us an email at fluffymummyblog at My reviews will always be honest no matter whether something was free, discounted or paid for, my opinions wont be biased or bought in anyway.

My blog isn’t sponsored in any way shape or form, I dont have any advertising or sponsored/paid for posts, it’s just me doing my thing. I do earn a small commission from links to Fill Your Pants – but only if you click-through and buy something, which of course you dont have to do! I’ve always included links when I talk about something so I’m not doing anything different in that regard, you can click and have a look, buy something or not. Any money that is made will just be put back into buying things to review and giveaway (maybe the equivalent of a free nappy a year – we’re not talking serious amounts).

Michelle xx

Cloth Nappies

AppleCheeks – Sized, Pocket/AI2

Baba + Boo – Series II and Limited Editions, One Size, Pocket

Bambooty – Easy Dry, Sized, AIO

Bumgenius – 4.0, One Size, Pocket

Bumgenius – Freetime, One Size, AIO

Bubblebubs – Candies, One Size, AI2

Charlie Banana – One Size, Pocket

Dunk N Fluff – Sized, Fitted, Custom

Ella’s House – Bum Hugger, Night Nappy, Sized, Fitted

Flip – Organic, Stay Dry & Disposable System, One Size, AI2

Fluff and Stuff – Heavy Wetter, Sized, Fitted

FuzziBunz – Elite, One Size, Pocket

Goodmama – One Size, Fitted

Green Carbon Living – One Size, AI2

GroVia – Organic, One Size, AI2

Happy Heinys – Organic, One Size, Pocket

Holden’s Landing – Bedbug Plus, Sized, Fitted, Custom

Issy Bear – V2, One Size, Pocket

Itti Bitti – Boo, Sized, Fitted

Itti Bitti – Tutto, One Size, AI2

KatyDid – One Size, Pocket

Little Pea Pants – Sized, Fitted

Little Gumnut – All Hours, sized, fitted, Custom

Luscious Little Somethings – Night Nappy, Sized, Fitted, Custom

MayLily – One Size, Pocket

Monkey Snuggles – Night Nappy, One Size, Fitted

Peachy Green – Solo Luxe Fit, Sized, AIO

Peachy Green – Sprout Up One Size, AI2

Pop-In New Generation +Bamboo & +Minkee, One Size, AI2 

Rumparooz – One Size, Pocket

Smartipants – One Size, Pocket

Thirsties – Duo Wrap & Duo Hemp Prefold, Sized, AI2

Tots Bots – Easyfit V2, One Size, AIO

Weehugger – Sized, AI2

Wee Notions – Sized, AI2, Custom

Wee Notions – Night Notions, Sized, Fitted, Custom

Wild Child – Dreamy Night Nappy, One Size, Fitted, Custom

Wonderoos – V2, One Size, Pocket

Fluffy covers/wraps/wool

Baby Smalls – Acrylic Longies, Shorties and Soakers Custom

Other bits

Rockin’ Green – Detergent

5 thoughts on “Cloth nappy reviews

  1. It seems ages okay since I used Motherease all in ones on my 2 (they are 7 and 8 now). I also love my mooncup, which I have been using now for nearly 7 years. Gosh how much money have I saved in that time?
    Have fun. Jackie

    • Hello,

      the thought of Chloe no longer being in cloth does make me sad!! I cant imagine what cloth nappies will be like in 7 years time, self washing or something maybe? I love my mooncup too and so wish I’d be introduced to it much earlier on, if I’d had known about it I’d have got one so much sooner and not only saved money but maybe enjoyed my periods more!!

      Have a great day xx

    • Hello and yay for trying cloth!

      It’s hard to say what to try/avoid unless I know what your situation is, do you
      need a fast drying nappy/super easy to use/price etc. And as with most things I do always find the cheaper ones dont always cut it!

      But the best advice is really to try before you buy, see if you can borrow some, or buy them second hand/preloved etc. As what one person loves about one type you might hate!

      If you want to email me at clothnappyinfo (at) gmail (dot) com then I’d be happy to give you some advice and have a chat 🙂

      Hope you do find the perfect nappy for you and your LO xx

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