Real Nappy Advice

Looking for help with getting to grips with cloth nappies – what to use on newborns, liners, boosters, wipes, birth to potty or sized, hybrids, pockets, washing?

Dont worry, everyone is like that at first and as with everything in life a knowledge and guidance can go a long way. I’m hoping to help parents sort out the fact from fiction about cloth nappies, long gone are the terry squares and nappy pins, buckets of nappies in soak for days and plastic pants. Now real nappies are about being easy to use, saving you money, being kind to your little one and the planet, looking pretty darn cute and brightening up one of the more ‘testing’ areas of being a parent!

There are no rules – you can start from birth or make the switch when your LO is a few months or even a year or more old. And even by just using cloth when at home or just during the day time is a start and will still save you money and stop thousands of nappies ending up in landfill – which will still be there hundreds of years later.  We started with cloth on Chloe when she hit the 7lb mark (which was about 4 months old!) and have never regretted it. But along the way I have made some errors, bought something that sounded great but on having it in my hands and trying on Chloe, soon realised it just wasnt for us.

I live in Sheffield and am happy to meet up with anyone who lives in the area and wants a chat about reuseable nappies, and actually see and play with them – which is always a great idea. As there’s not many things you’d buy without wanting to look at first – especially if you were going to be using them on a daily basis with your little one! I’m also happy to put together a trial kit so you can go home and actually use them for a few weeks (with full instructions of course and I’m only ever a call away should you need help). Even if you’re currently using cloth but having a few problems or fancy finding out about trying something else then I can help. And I’m more than happy to answer any questions or give advice to anyone – where ever they buy their nappies from or where ever they live.

What works for one person might not work for another and just like types of nappies, there are many different kinds of cloth nappy parents. Some are looking to save as much money as possible and just want something that does the job, others want the simplest or something pretty or even want a bit of both worlds by using disposable inserts and cloth together. More often than not they are a mixture of all those things and being a bit of a cloth nappy addict extraordinaire, we have tried most cloth nappies that are available here in the UK. And I’ve done plenty of reviews on some of them (see here) but there’s many more I just havent gotten around to doing a review for. Please bear in mind though that my reviews, as with all others, are based on Chloe, so what does/doesnt work for us might not be the same for you, which is why actually seeing and more importantly trying them for yourself is so important. If I had been able to try every nappy before I bought it then you can bet I’d have saved myself a lot of pennies and time! It seems really overwhelming at first but I hope to give as much advice as possible, and share both my good and not so good experiences.

By working with Fill Your Pants as a Nappy Guru I can afford to have a kit full of lovely new nappies to show, give discounts and special offers which you wont find online and make a trial kit tailored to you and your little one’s particular wants and needs. But I’m also here to give you help at any point along the way of your cloth nappy journey, all the way upto potty training and regardless of where you got them from or live. I am passionate about cloth nappies, (as you can probably tell!) and the very most important thing is to get the word out about real nappies. So please please do get in touch via, email or leave a comment on the blog and I will get back to you ASAP, and lets help make the world a fluffier place!

Michelle xx

P.S.This doesnt change anything in regards to the blog, all my reviews will still be honest regardless of where I get the products from. And FYP aren’t sponsoring the blog in any way shape or form, I dont have any advertising or sponsored/paid for posts, it’s just me doing my thing. I will earn a small commission from links to FYP – but only if you click-through and buy something, which of course you dont have to do! I’ve always included links when I talk about something so I’m not doing anything different in that regard, you can click and have a look, buy something or not. Any money that is made will just be put back into buying things to review and giveaway (maybe the equivalent of a free nappy a year – we’re not talking serious amounts).

Cloth nappy lingo, jargon, abbreviations, terminology, secret codes etc

Our personal favourite cloth nappies

How to’s – I will try and add to these and update them regularly. Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see as a how to.

How to Lanolise wool

6 thoughts on “Real Nappy Advice

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  2. Dear Michelle,
    I have read all of your nappy reviews and many on other sites, I have found them so confusing and I have no idea what to do. I want to use reusables but have no idea what ones to go for I need to get a pack as money is tight.
    I’m 36 weeks pregnant, we went to the manchester baby show and also found it small compared to birmingham and there wasnt the information and variety of reusable nappies so we didnt get anything. I hope things are better for you, if you could reply when u have time that would be great.

    • Hello, glad you’re still wanting to give them a try, but yes it is very hard at first to find out what you do and dont need etc. It’s probably easier if I pop you an email as I’d need to ask you a few questions to narrow it down for you as everyone is after something a little different. Will be in contact shortly! x

    • Hi, sorry but no I dont know of any nappy laundry service I’m afraid! There are ways to reduce the nappy wash load, like using an All In Two system where you reuse the covers/outers or maybe even using a hybrid system? Hope you can find something that works for you! x

  3. Hello I am trying to find out about reusable nappies as I want to get some for my grandaughter to use when she has her baby. In my day you just bought terry nappies and plastic pants but its all changed now and I am confused with all the different product.HELP

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