A few more of our favourite things

So following on from the last post a few months ago, I thought it was time I took a look at what we really love at the minute. They arent all super expensive, the latest thing or anything but I’ve noticed how much we love and have used them a lot this last month or so so thought I’d share!

Craft bits and pieces, I went a bit mad last month and bought a lot of crafting goodies from Paperchase – I used to love going into our local shop when I was younger and getting new stationary for the new school year. They had a bit of a sale on so I got coloured felt, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, coloured pom poms and other bits and pieces. We’ve only used a bit of it so far, we made a birthday card for nanny and Chloe stuck on some glittery pom pom things (it looked very cute). But I’ve also got some more finger paint and glitter glue the other week, so I think a craft session is due next time we’re at a loose end or it’s raining, I’ll definitely try to remember to take pics!

Sigg water bottles, we love these and I need to do a review on them some time soon. I got one first and then Chloe decided to keep on stealing mine and helping herself so we got Chloe her own one. And then of course Daddy didnt want to be left out and to be fair he does work outside most of the time so then we had to get him one too. So we are a Sigg family! What makes them so good you ask? Well firstly they look stunning, there’s a ton of different designs out there and they do a superior job then any other water bottle I’ve used. I fill mine up and pop it in the fridge at night and in the morning its super cold and stays that way for hours. It definitely helps me to drink more, it’s a 0.6L bottle (Chloe’s is 0.3L and Daddy’s is 1L). I got the sports bottle cap for mine and Daddy’s, Chloe’s comes with a child version, as I do find it easier than unscrewing the normal cap all the time. And the truly great thing about it is the inside is coated in a taste neutral layer, which means if you have a blackcurrent or orange drink then it doesnt retain the taste/smell of it afterwards (which I hate with normal plastic water bottles). Being made from aluminium they are light but super study too. We love them and take them out with us where ever we go.

Wooden animals, we saw these one day in Hobbycraft, we were just getting a few bits and pieces and on impulse I saw these at the till, I think they were only 70p each or something and they had a few others (I so wish I’d picked up one of each). Chloe loves them and we play hide and seek with them round the house and ask Chloe to go find the Tiger/Lion/etc. I’ve tried looking online for them but cant see them so I keep meaning to pop in again and get some more but our nearest store isnt really on the way to anywhere so we be a 30min trip just to get more. Having said that I do need some more glue for some scrapbooks I’m making of Chloe to give to family members so I guess that’s a reason to go!

Hope enjoyed our little share and feel free to add a few of your favourite things in the comments below.

Michelle xx

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