Review: Baba + Boo Series II pocket nappy

I first came across Baba+Boo when I met Eve, the owner, on a baby forum. I had a look at her website and was blown away by not only the site itself, which is gorgeous but the lush goodies she had for sale. We’ve previously be lucky enough to try one of her nappies but since then Eve has been working hard has now given them a slight redesign and has launched the Series II nappy and again she kindly gave us one to review. Eve’s mission is to make cloth affordable, whether its people who are new to cloth, take that first initial, and somewhat expensive first step or to help current cloth users feed their stash and make it a more workable size. She hopes to achieve this by sourcing ethically made nappies at a reasonable price without compromising on quality. It’s great to hear that Baba+Boo would never knowingly supply nappies made in factories that do not look after their workforce or endorse child-labour.

When the average price for a BTP nappy is around ÂŁ14+, it’s amazing that Eve can sell the Series II nappies at ÂŁ8.75 and that’s for a nappy with inserts from a big selection of fab colours and prints! The new design of the snap system incorporates a crossover snap setting for smaller babies and extra leg snaps that give a snug fit to help ensure there’s no leaks. So there are 3 snaps in total on each wing to do up, two for the waist (to help stop wing droop) and one for the leg. Although I’m sure you could skip the leg one or the second waist snap if you wanted to and got a good fit without. I was worried the new snap design would mean a different but Chloe is still on the same waist snap setting in the new one as she was in the old, which always makes it easier for daddy!

Each nappy now comes with 2 large microfibre inserts and they now have snaps on them so you can make them smaller as needed for the various rise settings. As before there is a huge range of solid colours and prints in both PUL and a soft minky fabric. The packaging has had a revamp too and now the usage and washing information is on an eco friendly recyclable paper sleeve. The actual pocket design is still the same, it has a large, elasticated opening at the back, which I have always loved on these nappies and am so glad it hasnt been changed!

Eve also sent us one of the new 100% bamboo inserts to try, which will be sold separately, they are made from 4 layers of bamboo and again they have the snaps on to adjust the size. Microfibre isnt that brilliant for Chloe now and I was having to use both mf inserts at a time or change her after 2 to 3 (on a good day) hours with the old nappy. So I was super happy to give this a try out and after it had a fair amount of prewashing I’m glad to say it happily does 3-4 hours and can go 4 hours+ if I add one of the mf inserts in as well. For those with average wetters then I’m sure they wont need the extra insert at all but it’s so slim that they’d be great for using in some of our other pocket nappies as well. So I’ll be on the look out for when they’re available on the website to get a few more.

Ease of use: I love the large stretchy pocket opening, it really does make it nice and easy to stuff and I so which more pockets where like this with no flaps or fiddly bits.

Performance: For a nappy at this price I am still impressed with the quality and performance, not a single leak and everything has been contained brilliantly. If I know Chloe is due a blow out or we’re going on a long car journey then it’s great to know I can pop this on her as a trusty nappy and it still looks cute! Drying time is still great, the minky fabric is lovely and soft and it washes really well.

Design: The new improvements are great, the crossover snap setting will make this a much better BTP nappy for smaller babies to use and the leg snaps are a nicely thought out extra. The big range of colours and prints available is fantastic, there’s definitely something for everyone. The only negative I can find is the shape and size of the wings, the old style was a lovely curved shaped and the new style has big squared off tab. Which I’d prefer to be a bit smaller if anything but it wouldnt put me off buying one and Eve has said she might be tweaking them a little on future shipments.

Overall: These are more than just simple and functional nappies, they are super funky, perform amazing and are at a fantastic price that doesnt leave you feeling guilty for buying yet another nappy! These are perfect all rounders: an ideal nappy for people starting out in cloth, for those needing to expand their stash or even for just those times when you fancy a new nappy to brighten up your stash but you cant afford to go overboard. They do exactly what you want a nappy to do, keep your baby dry and stay leak free but in a bright and colourful way for a great price! Although the improvements are subtle, they have been well thought out and not only make the fit snugger but being able to use it for a smaller sized baby is always a good thing with BTP nappies!

I’ve said before that if I were sending Chloe off to nursery or to a childminder then I think I would buy a whole load of these as they are so simple to use, cute and perfectly priced to be able to get a big amount in one go. This is again a keeper for us, it does a great job, looks gorgeous, isnt bulky and is completely OH friendly, well worth a try for everyone and especially for those with smaller babies who want to get them into cloth asap!

Michelle xx

We were kindly sent this nappy to review, however no one has told me what to write, all words (including spelling mistakes) and opinions are 100% my own and genuine.

Giveaway! (Now Closed)

To celebrate Real Nappy Week 2011, Eve at Baba + Boo has given us three of the new Series II nappies to giveaway on the blog. All you have to do is take a look over at Baba + Boo and answer the following question:

‘What print would you like to see in the Series II nappy range that they dont currently have?’

Please write your answer in the comments to this post and you can gain extra entries for doing any (or all) of the below:

– Follow Baba + Boo and me on twitter (@babaandboo and @Fluffy_Mummy) and post your twitter ID in the comments here.

– Tweet “I’ve entered to win a fluffy nappy from @babaandboo at @Fluffy_Mummy here:” and post saying you’ve tweeted and your twitter ID in the comments here.

– Like Baba + Boo on Facebook and post “I’ve entered to win a fluffy nappy from Baba + Boo here:” and then comment saying you’ve liked and posted.

– Place an order with Baba + Boo during RNW (16-22nd May) and leave your order number in a comment below.

Please use a separate comment for each entry.

Terms and Conditions:
  • This is open to anyone in Europe.
  • And closes at 11.59pm on Monday 23nd May 2011.
  • The three lucky winners will be chosen by on Tuesday 24th May.
  • And the winners will be announced on this page and Twitter.
  • The prizes are non-refundable and cannot be transferred. No cash alternative is available.

Random Org has spoken and the 3 winners are:




Please email me at or via Twitter to arrange your prizes!! Thanks for entering everyone xx


85 thoughts on “Review: Baba + Boo Series II pocket nappy

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  2. I have a strawberry print nappy for my boy (yes I know strawberries are a little bit girly!) and it is by far and away my favourite nappy print! So I think a strawberry print would be super cute. x

  3. I’d like to see something in a big floral pattern. I love flowers! And Leyla would love something with cars or cats on it 🙂

  4. I would like to see a nappy with a solgan like ‘I’m recycled’ on the bum and the recycling logo all over. Green on white would be nice.

  5. I’d like to see fruit/veg patterns…

    i.e. peas, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, Tomatoes, Aubergines, Bananas etc

  6. My favorite would be bright colours/purple tye dye patterns. Or something fruity- strawberries, but witha twist!

  7. I’d LOVE to see some skull and crossbone designs for boys. With cupcakes for girls.
    I’ve tweeted, followed, liked on FB and posted. Phew!
    Twitter id: Sicilysmiles

  8. liqourice alsorts!! little prints of the sweets all over a white nappy. maybe a cheeky bertie bassett on the bum too 🙂

  9. ooh forgot to say ive liked and posted on facebook and ive added you on twitter.

    twitter id – laurasmith89

    trying to post on twitter but not worked out how to do it yet haha

  10. We love jungle themes so a nappy with lions, giraffes and monkeys would be super ultra cute and most certainly be a big favourite in our family!

    Tweeted about this as @petitmew, following both @babaandboo and you. Also liked and posted about this competition on their FB page.

  11. @thepontipines following both on twitter
    I would like to see guitar print and multi coloured stripes print!

  12. Hmm someone pinched my idea! lol I was going to say strawberries, but what about a nappy with different coloured leaves on it. That might be quite nice. Lovely site and extremely well priced nappies.


  13. As we are big fans of Elmer the patchwork elephant, we’d love something patchworky and mulitcoloured. Saying that, how cute are the current nappies, simply fab!

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